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Authenticity Guarantee

Recently, our U.S. head corporation was authorized as the sole distributor of INCELLDERM products in America. We, INCELLDERMSUAMEL is one of two authorized retailer in America.  We are taking orders and fulfilling them at the moment but soon, ALL orders will be redirected to our U.S. head corporation website. Business opportunity is available and more information will soon be available.  

Our product's quality and effectiveness is proven with more than 8 million sold since August 2020, since our establishment in March 2018.  However, fueled by IINCELLDERM popularity, fake products of INCELLDERM are being produced in China and Southeast Asia and distribution to the international market.  IINCELLDERM has attached a QR code to every IINCELLDERM product in order to prevent fake products and track the distribution process.

INCELLDERMSUAMEL is the official retailer of INCELLDERM products in the U.S.  Every product that we sell has a QR code to assure authenticity and newly released items from our corporation in South Korea.  If there are NO or damage QR code, it might be a fake and if a problem occurs while using our products, you will not receive any compensation from the IINCELLDERM head office.


Fakes, expired, and almost expired INCELLDERM products might not have the intended effects of our authentic products and is not covered by our warranty, and compensation.  All of INCELLDERMPRODUCTS are sealed, tagged and tracked when shipped.  Please make sure you always check the QR code and date of expiration when you purchase products.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at anytime via email, contact link via or talk to our representative during our normal operating hours, Pacific Time. 

QR Code.jpg


Matching QR Code on package and product.

Serial Number & Expiration Date.jpg


The serial number of the package and the product must be the same.

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